Data Centre

Catch-IT has invested in a two top tier 3 data centre in central London with added security and reliability via resilient links, enabling load balancing and synchronous replication across multiple production environments.

Our data centres are carrier neutral and directly connected to all major telecommunications and data networks. We have access to all major peering points across the City of London, offering network interconnection with all the major telecoms providers; our sites are ideal communication hubs. We can also arrange any carrier cross-connects and cable routing throughout the facility.

    • Security

Catch-IT services ensure that your infrastructure or hosted environment is protected from a host of unwanted attacks by using the industry’s best security firewalls from Cisco, Juniper and Checkpoint. The same technology allows us to provide seamless VPN connectivity between your on-site and hosted infrastructure.

    • Total Resilience

You can achieve peace of mind that the threat of downtime is a thing of the past with fully redundant and backup power supplies, fire suppression and environmental controls in place to minimise the risk of service interruption.

    • Flexibility & Scalability

As your business continues to grow, you can simply acquire more capacity depending on your current needs and requirements, eliminating the time-consuming and expensive task of moving or expanding your current centre.

Hosted Services

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Secure, flexible and robust. Catch-IT’s virtual hosted desktop provides businesses with the flexibility of utilising their desktop anywhere with an internet connection. Suitable for business people who require the flexibility of remote working and want the ease and security of ensuring that company applications and files are kept private.

Our virtual hosted desktop infrastructure can provide you with a cost effective and secure solution to provide you with your familiar working desktop wherever you are. Our hosted desktops are part of Catch-IT’s resilient enterprise class infrastructure and are configured in an active-active environment that ensures fast and secure uptime.

Our cloud-based Exchange Infrastructure provides mail services for multiple organisations and is charged competitively on a per-user basis. All Mailbox data is located in London and is replicated in real time to our secondary data centre located outside of the M25. All data is secure and segregated to ensure privacy. Our Exchange Servers are replicated and operate in a “High Availbilty” Mode. Customer mailboxes are also provided to user’s mobile or smartphone devices using ActiveSync or IMAP connection protocols along with Outlook Web Access.

Email is a key tool for businesses. Catch-IT understands the importance of communication at all times and has invested in a robust email infrastructure. Standard Mailbox sizes provisions are set as a minimum of 10GB, which can be expanded at an additional cost.

Catch-IT provides a safe environment for you to store your important files and data by investing in the latest enterprise class storage from HP for our infrastructure. We provide secure hosted file storage that is seamlessly accessible from your office workstations. All client data is backed up to our secondary and Tier 3 data centres after encryption. Managed file data is secure, robust and located in the UK. Your data is exactly that, your data.

We have the technology and security of our Tier 3 data centres to host your business applications. Catch-IT can serve your applications on our enterprise class infrastructure to your business on physical hardware, or from within our virtual private cloud. Let us concentrate on managing your applications to remove any hassle for you.

Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
Catch-IT’s hosted environment is built to be resilient with no single point of failure, spread across two top tier 3 data centres. In the event the primary site is unavailable, the secondary site will assume production client services. Email is configured in a High-Availability (HA) Mode, with replicated mailboxes at the primary site and “lagged” replication to the secondary site. Lagged replication ensures database corruption does not populate to the secondary site before the corruption is eradicated.

Backup can be set to a point in time recovery. As a result of the resilient nature of our infrastructure, backup, disaster recovery and business continuity is inherent in our hosted and managed services.

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